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Hey all,

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is having a great New Year thus far! I am still working as a substitute primarily in the Coos Bay School District, primarily subbing for my former director. It's good, I think, that I am doing this now, because working for someone who has been so connected with one's musical development is intimidating, to say the least!

I held a part-time job at Ross for just over a month through the Christmas season, but due to a reduction in payroll I was laid off, so I've been just a sub again for about a week now. I am still so, so glad to be done with college and working as an educator, even if it's not every day of the week, because teaching -- especially teaching music -- is just about the most awesome thing I can think of. It makes me so grateful to all the students I worked with over the years while I was in school, especially the FGHS and NAMS students who had to put up with me (hehe) last year.

Anyway. Working on a public connection, and as I have no other pertinent news for now, I will sign off. There have been some interesting things I've started thinking about musically speaking these past few weeks, and if time permits, I will post again in the next couple days -- hopefully -- about some of them.
Hope all is well with each of you.

Ms. H

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