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Did you know:

You collectively play at least thirty different instruments and speak nine languages?

Your collective lineages represent at least 14% of the world's countries. (Here's a map of those.)

Two of you were born in Germany, and between the rest of your birthplaces (another map!), you cover thirteen of the fifty United States.

That's pretty impressive for seventy-two people, and you've all yet to live the majority of your lives!

You are all amazing people and it's been such a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with you.


So that's one less thing on my plate for the end of the year. I am still completely exhausted.

Good thing there's a concert tonight! hahaha. I think the concert will be good. I am apprehensive because I've not heard either choir in almost a week--longer for Chorale--but hey. I trust that things will work out.

Too many things going on. As much as I love the things I'm doing now, going straight through from June to June is hard, and I'm ready for summer.


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