I've added a lot! There are more links on the Links page, I have added my bookmarks using del.icio.us, the Glossary has been updated, and there's been in general a lot done to this site!

I'm thinking about making a page for choral jokes and perhaps putting up a crash-course in Music History, but we shall see what time allows and what will be practical and useful. Email with questions or comments, and enjoy the changes!

My goal is to blog at least once a week about either a new piece I've heard, something musical coming up in the community or something along those lines. Check back!!

Ms. H


My dearest Ms H, I love you so very much and am not surprise to find this website of yours so fantastic, keep up the good and fine work and all your dreams and hopes will come true. Always and forever yours, forever and always yours. Grampa

G.M. Firestone

Dear Ms. Hancock -
What a great idea this website is for your future students....A great opportunity for them to find out specific info that you can provide for them....Easy to get around in and very "to the point"...Great job!!
Sincerely, Ms.Firestone

P.S. Break a leg!!!

tony k.

hey ms. hancock, you are a great teacher at nams and i think this is a great website you have created. I hope you have a great week at nams before you go to fghs


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