Prayer of the Children is up now for Chorale. Hopefully none of the .mp3s sound like overdriven guitars this time...sorry about that, Women's Choir folks. The three offending .mp3s (soprano II, alto, and the whole score) have been re-saved and re-uploaded and don't sound like death any more.

Let me know if there are any problems.

I also uploaded an IPA transcription of the Debussy for Women's Choir (that's what you call it when you write something out phonetically, a transcription). There's also a word-for-word translation of the French underneath the IPA. (As an aside, I was surprised the alternate English text in the score was so close to the real deal. Sometimes translations are entirely poetic--words that go well with the existing tune rather than having any relation to the meaning of the song.)

I am not sure if it will display correctly on computers that don't have the IPA font installed. If the IPA shows up as a bunch of boxes or if it looks more like your cat walked across the keyboard than anything else, bummer. If you feel extremely motivated to have these fonts, you can get them (for free!) here. The download works for Windows or Mac OS X.

Happy practicing! Concert in nineteen days! :D

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